Breitling Brought The Automatic Chronograph Fake Watches UK Online To The World 50 Years Ago

Since its introduction in 1962, defining features of the Autavia model were black dials with white registers, with a rotating bezel that was marked for different functions (diving, travel, tachymeter, etc.), and these features were carried forward to the new best UK replica Breitling Chronomatic Autavias watches (Reference 1163 MH). Piquerez had designed a C-shape case for the new Carrera, and would produce a second version for the Autavia, this larger case (42mm) incorporating the Autavia’s signature rotating bezel.

Through its first seven years, Autavias had always used a black dial with white registers, but to mark the development of the high quality fake Breitling Chronomatic Autavia watches, Heuer would offer a second color scheme – a white dial with contrasting black registers and blue accents (Reference 1163T). This white-dialed model was worn by Swiss Formula One hero, Jo Siffert, and to this day the Autavias with the white / black / blue colors are known as the “Sifferts.”

The Replica Breitling Chronomatic Watches

While Heuer took the approach of continuing to sell its 1960s manual chronographs alongside its new automatic models (circa 1969), with new cases for the manual models coming some years later (circa 1971), Breitling took a very different approach. As soon as cheap Swiss Breitling replica watches knew the dimensions of the new Caliber 11 movement (which we can assume was circa 1966), it developed new cases for its portfolio of manual models, with the new cases being designed so that they could be easily adapted to house the new automatic models. Thus, 1:1 Breitling copy watches made the move from its traditional round cases of the 1950s and early 1960s to the new generation of larger cases that would house the Chronomatic movements, not in 1969, but beginning in 1966 / 1967.

Catalogs and advertisements from the period confirm that Breitling launched its line of automatic chronographs with five distinctive cases, as follows:

Traditional round case with a rotating bezel and angular lugs

 Pillow-shaped case

Tonneau-shaped case

    18 karat gold case

AAA replica Breitling watches’ distinctive six-sided case, often described as a “pizza” case, which was used for several different references

Round Case – Reference 2110

The Reference 2110 employed a traditional round case (38mm), with a rotating bezel and angular lugs. Dials were either black with white registers or white with black registers, all marked with a tachymeter scale. The hour recorders were marked with all 12 numerals and the minute recorder featured bright racing stripes, making it easier to read five minute increments.

Cushion Case – Reference 2111

If the Reference 2110 was the tamest of wholesale fake Breitling Chronomatic watches, we begin moving up the curve from mild to wild with the Reference 2111. The 38mm cushion case is a softly-rounded square shape and relatively flat across the top surface of the watch, however, the sides of the case show deep, dramatic curves. The dials are either black or white, each with a contrasting white or blue “surfboard” placed horizontally across the center, with the oblong registers situated within the surfboard.  

Tonneau Case – Reference 2112

Having gone from a traditional round case and then to a symmetrical cushion case, with the Reference 2112 Breitling super clone watches for sale stretched the steel – literally – to offer a tonneau-shaped case. A black bezel frames the dial, with the hour bezel and minutes bezel rotating. The dials and hands offer a look that is similar to the Reference 2110 models, with the watches having black or white dials (both with contrasting registers), and orange hands and accents.

The Reference 2114 was generally similar to the Reference 2112, except that the Reference 2114 had a fixed tachymeter bezel, with the tachymeter scale deleted from the dial.

The Pizza Cases

Of all the cases to ever house a Breitling Chronomatic movement, the hexagon-shaped case used for several of the first models in 1969 is surely the most distinctive. Sometimes described as the “fried egg” or the “pizza”, these 48mm cases had been introduced by Breitling replica watches shop site in April 1967, then being powered by the manual-winding Venus 178 movement. In anticipation of the development of the Chronomatic movement, with its crown at nine o’clock, the cases were constructed so that the crown could be positioned at either three o’clock (for the manual movement) or at nine o’clock (for the automatic movement).

At the launch of the Chronomatic movement in 1969, Breitling’s hexagon case housed at least five different versions of the Chronomatic, with a sixth model shown in the 1969 catalog, but never seen in the execution shown in the catalog.

The white or black-dialed best quality fake Breitling Chronomat watches (Reference 1808) had its origins in 1940, when Breitling offered its first chronograph incorporating the logarithmic slide rule scales into the bezel and dial, as well as a scale on the dial for decimal minutes computations. Breitling catalogs suggest that the Chronomat models are ideally suited for the mathematicians, engineers and businessmen, as well as sports and industrial timing.

The luxury Breitling Navitimer replica watches (Reference 1806) was a continuation of the series of aviation chronographs that Breitling had introduced in 1954. For the Navitimer, Breitling modified the Chronomat’s logarithmic slide rule to a pilot’s time-speed distance flight computer, and added scales used by pilots to calculate fuel consumptions, average speeds and climbing speeds. Breitling suggested that the Navitimer was designed for specialists in speed – not only pilots, but also rally drivers and other sportsmen.  

The Cosmonaute (Reference 1809) incorporated the same pilot’s tools as the Navitimer, with the perfect Breitling fake watches having true 24 indication, meaning that the hour hand made one revolution per day. The Reference 809 Cosmonaute had been introduced in 1962 and become the first Swiss wristwatch in space when it was worn by astronaut Scott Carpenter on May 24, 1962.

The fourth and fifth Chronomatic models to be housed in the “pizza” cases were the Reference 7651 models. The Reference 7651 Co-Pilot model was a continuation of the series of chronographs introduced by Breitling in 1953, with the minute recorder marked to count the 15 minutes for the pilot’s pre-flight check. While all other top replica Breitling Chronomatic watches introduced in 1969 had recorders for 12 hours, the Reference 7651 had six-hour capacity. The “Yachting” version of the Reference 7651 featured a rotating bezel that was marked in red and white segments, to count down the 15 minutes to the start of a yacht race.

Breitling’s 1969 catalog also showed a Reference 2115 GMT model in the “pizza” case, but this model seems to have only been introduced later, in a different color scheme.

18K Gold Case – Reference 2116

The last of Breitling’s first generation of Chronomatics was the Reference 2116, a limited run of 100 Swiss made Breitling fake watches housed in a traditionally shaped 18 karat gold case. The champagne dial had contrasting black registers and tachymeter and pulsation scales.

Early Versus Later Examples

As described above, identifying the very first Heuers to use the Caliber 11 movement is easy – we simply look for the word “Chronomatic” on the dial or certain other telltales, after Heuer switched to the “Automatic Chronograph” dials. Recognizing the earliest Breitling Chronomatics proves to be more challenging. First, whereas Heuer used the name “Chronomatic” only on the earliest of its Caliber 11 watches, Breitling continued to use “Chronomatic” throughout the production of most of the models. So it requires some careful analysis, and the use of serial numbers, to identify Breitling’s earliest automatic chronographs. Second, the Breitling catalog of Chronomatic models offered a considerably broader selection of replica Breitling watches paypal than the Heuer catalog, so the sheer variety of early models can make it difficult to track the models.

After the launch of the first Chronomatics, Breitling turned its attention to fully developing its line-up of these automatic chronographs. Colorful new models to occupy the “pizza” case included the Chrono-Matic GMT (Reference 2115), which was introduced in 1970, and the SuperOcean (Reference 2105), a dive watch with a 20 ATM waterproof rating, from 1971 (shown above).

New cases included the Pult “Bullhead” (Reference 2117, above center), and the TransOcean (Reference 2119, above left), an almost-round case with an integrated bracelet. The introduction of the Caliber 15 movement in 1972 led to a series of funky, asymmetrical dials (above right), while Breitling fake watches store tipped its hat to more conservative styles with new versions of the Navitimers and Chronomats in traditional round cases.

The last model launched by Breitling, in 1977, was the Reference 2130, at first glance similar to the first Reference 2110 models, but with elegant lyre-shaped (twisted) lugs.