Professor Of “Money Heist” Throws The City’s Scheming, Becomes A Mature Man With UK AAA Top Breitling Replica Watches

Spanish actor Álvaro Morte, in the completed Netflix crime series “Money Heist”, interprets the protagonist “Professor” in the play, who is the leader of the organization under the banner of Salvation Robin Hood. He has accumulated millions of fans around the world, and the 47-year-old sportsman recently filmed a short film for the new high quality replica Breitling Navitimer series watches of watchmaking brand BREITLING, explaining his experience on the road to film and television. He said that it is by no means lucky to achieve something. , but because of having the belief to persist on the path of the goal.

Álvaro Morte said in the short film that he switched from majoring in electrical engineering to the field of film and television. At that time, he knew that this was what he longed for in his heart. On this road, he shaped the goals he believed in through learning, and followed his heart. With his voice, his life may change in the end, conveying his firm belief in acting.

Also because of Álvaro Morte’s passion and persistence in acting, he brought out the role of manipulative scheming in “Money Heist”. However, this scheming image is very different from his off-screen style. Browse his IG, From time to time, his love for heavy machines can be seen, showing the style of a tough guy, and sometimes appearing in activities in the shape of a yuppie. It can be said that the style is changeable, but what remains the same is that he always has 1:1 UK Breitling fake watches in his hand.

Although Álvaro Morte is the ambassador of Breitling in Spain, it is not surprising that he wears brand watches in public, but Álvaro Morte has worn best Breitling Navitimer replica watches, Top Time and Premier series watches in public events. The perfect fake Breitling Super Chronomat watches has been added many times in the private work to match the shape, which can be regarded as a competent ambassador on and off the stage.

Álvaro Morte’s interpretation and shooting of the new Swiss movements copy Breitling Navitimer series of watches, this year entered the 70th anniversary, the brand in the 41mm, 43mm and 46mm diameter models, re-enable the aviation industry and pilots who have appeared on this series of Breitling super clone watches online site since 1954 The logo of the Association (AOPA) is placed at the 12 o’clock position of the face plate. The design of the flying slider display of this series of signs is also more simplified and easy to read. The color of the face plate is not black or white, but mint green and ice blue are added. Color and other colors, with contrasting color 3-eye chronograph small dial, the date window that used to fall at 4 to 5 o’clock, moved to 6 o’clock to integrate with the 12-hour chronograph small dial, with B01 automatic winding movement, power Store up to 70 hours.