How UK AAA Fake Breitling Watches’ Georges Kern Is Shaping The Conversation Around Horology

Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling replica watches for sale, does not always have an emollient approach to detractors. Frankly, he doesn’t need to. There’s a pugilist somewhere just below that calm exterior, but you never get the sense of him being a rebel without a cause. He isn’t afraid to fracture status quo, but then again he’s got every reason to. “You cannot argue success. At the end of the day, you can have great theoretical knowledge about the markets and solid beliefs and strategies. But ultimately, you need to be successful,” Kern recently told Business Traveller Middle East when quizzed whether his management approach to being the boss of a 138-year-old watchmaking company could come across as unsettling to the brand’s traditionalists.

Five years ago, Kern began the process of pushing 1:1 UK Breitling fake watches towards a more evenly distributed focus on its sea- and aviation-inspired watches. “Today, when you look at our segments with the air and sea and the logos we’ve used, we are more faithful to Breitling than we’ve ever been. Why? Because we addressed the story and history of Breitling. We are covering what Breitling was in its totality much more than what it was in the last 20-25 years. Earlier, the high quality replica Breitling Navitimer Pilot’s watches was a pillar of the brand, and it remains so. But we returned to what the brand was 70-100 years ago to include products like the Premier, SuperOcean Heritage and Chronomat which we relaunched successfully,” says Kern.

One way of building a strong narrative around the Grenchen-based watchmaker is simply by shining a spotlight on its illustrious history. Take for example the fact that the Breitling Cosmonaute was the first Swiss wristwatch in space in 1962. As Kern explains, Scott Carpenter – only the fourth American in space – was training in Australia when he saw the Australian Air Force pilots wearing best Breitling Navitimer copy watches and he knew it was what Project Mercury needed. Carpenter wrote to Willy Breitling explaining that timekeeping was his specific responsibility for Project Mercury. He needed a reconfigured Navitimer to retain the circular slide rule for calculations. Carpenter wanted a watch with a 24-hour indication and also one that would read like an instrument in his capsule. Breitling developed that timepiece which went on to become the first Swiss wristwatch in space.

This year, Breitling decided to revisit that story and issue the perfect replica Breitling Navitimer B02 Chronograph 41 Cosmonaute Limited Edition watches that features the B02 movement. “There are watches that are icons and which are commercially successful, and then there are watches which are icons but which were commercial failures. The Navitimer was always successful and the Navitimer’s existence as part of our collection was never threatened since it was always a commercial success. It is today, with the Chronomat, the most commercially important line we have,” says Kern.

In June, Breitling followed that up with new Swiss made fake Breitling SuperOcean collection watches. It is an extensive offering – four sizes (36, 42, 44 and 46mm), three case metals (steel, bronze, steel-gold), two strap options (rubber and metal bracelet), and six dial colours (white, orange, turquoise, black, blue and green). Add to that a robust Caliber 17 movement. “We had in the Sixties a diving watch called the Slow Motion which was very much an instrument for diving with big hands and big indexes. So, we took the Slow Motion and added modern features to it, but kept the same broad design elements including a ceramic bezel and the square blocks on the hands,” explains Kern about the new collection. The standout piece of the new collection is the 42mm Kelly Slater edition limited to 1,000 pieces with an orange dial and olive-green rubber strap.

The path to growth

Last year, CVC Capital partners sold a minority stake of Breitling to another private equity firm – Partners Group. Breitling has maintained its independence and isn’t part of any watchmaking conglomerate. As Kern says, cheap Breitling super clone watches will have roughly 250 boutiques by the end of the year and is opening nearly two boutiques a week this year.

The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) said in a recent report that exports of Swiss timepieces in the first six months of 2022 grew nearly 12 per cent year-on-year, with a total export value of CHF11.9 billion. One of the world’s biggest markets for luxury, China, accounted for CHF1.105 billion of that amount – a contraction of over 26 per cent. While China remains key for luxury players, Kern says that top Breitling replica watches is expanding in that Asian country but isn’t overly reliant on it, and hence relatively insulated from what is happening there at the moment. “China still represents a small portion of our business. We’re growing strongly, but we don’t have our fair market share in China yet if I compare it to the US, Europe or the Middle East because we just started to build our presence there four-five years ago. We are opening 25 boutiques in China this year. We will have roughly 60 boutiques in China, but we should be able to quadruple that number. You don’t have an established distribution network of retailers in China like you might have in Dubai with Seddiqi, for example,” notes Kern.

A market that he is bullish about remains the Middle East. “As a region, it’s smaller than Europe, but it’s growing and is a substantial market. For us, the key markets are Europe, the US and the Middle East. We have joint ventures in Saudi Arabia where we have opened a huge boutique in Riyadh earlier this year and are opening more boutiques in the kingdom too.”

Over the last few years, Breitling has been active in the auction market, snapping up some of its historical timepieces. For example, in 2019, Gregory Breitling acquired a Cosmonaute which was once owned by astronaut John Glenn. Kern adds, “[Acquiring watches at auction] is something we need to do ourselves in the future because we want to build a museum and work on our history. We have a clear focus to buy special Breitling fake watches wholesale that were once part of our collection, build a museum and publish books around our brand. Gregory Breitling is very supportive of this initiative, as is Fred Mandelbaum who is probably the biggest Breitling collector in the world. Sooner or later, these [historical] watches will be available in the museum that can be viewed by our customers.”

As Breitling forges ahead, sustainability in the watchmaker’s operation – be it reducing its carbon emissions or the use of plastic – is a subject that Kern is personally involved with. However, the one aspect of sustainability that he is perhaps most actively engaged with at the moment revolves around the sourcing of materials. “We want to ensure that the consumer has total transparency on where and how we source our gold, diamonds, steel or rubber. This is why we’ve introduced the blockchain, not only for authenticity and traceability, but also for the consumer to understand where the materials are sourced from.” Kern’s taking the long road when it comes to future-proofing replica Breitling watches shop site, but then again that’s the only way to ensure that no one argues its success.

Breitling Launches Special Version Of The Swiss Made Breitling Navitimer Fake Watches UK

Since Georges Kern took over the controls at Breitling in 2017, the brand, which was once primarily known for pilot’s watches, has experienced an unexpected renaissance. Kern has understood how to dig up the right models in the brand’s archives in order to gradually build a new collection that also appeals to people who are not enthusiastic about aviation, without alienating the faithful luxury Breitling replica watches fans.

There are always models that are visually close to the historical original, but the model families also admit members who use refreshing colors to prove that retro can also be trendy.

When processing the Breitling legacy, Kern was able to rely on the Austrian collector Fred Mandelbaum, who probably owns the largest collection of historic AAA UK Breitling fake watches and knows the history of the brand like no other. Taking him on board as an advisor and listening to his advice may have been one of the most important keys to success with high quality replica Breitling watches. The fact that Kern also lets the descendants of the Breitling family have their say is to his credit.

For the sixtieth birthday

For the relaunch of cheap copy Breitling‘s best-known watches, the “Navitimer” model, the CEO took five years to breathe new life into all the other well-known models one after the other. With good reason, because this year the model with the unmistakable slide rule on the bezel is celebrating its 60th birthday.

The launch of the newborn icon as a prelude to the Geneva watch fair Watches and Wonders, in which Breitling did not take part, was all the more brilliant. The design of the new perfect Breitling replica watches is again closer to the original model, with the dial forming one plane with the rotating bezel instead of being surrounded by a conical ring. As a result, the curved sapphire crystal is now directly above the hands and makes the watch appear flatter and larger.

Instead of the Breitling logo, the winged logo of the American Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), which chose the “Navitimer” as their official best fake Breitling watches in 1954, is now emblazoned as before. No wonder, because in a time without on-board electronics and GPS, the integrated slide rule was an important tool for pilots to be able to calculate factors such as fuel consumption, drift in cross winds and other important parameters for aviation in no time at all.

The novelty after…

And since it is now considered good manners in the watch industry to add something important shortly after the spring fair, it is not surprising that Breitling also pulled an ace up its sleeve last week. It is a special version of the “Navitimer” that has not been produced for a long time: the Swiss made replica Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute watches.

It was the first Swiss wristwatch to be worn on the wrist of an astronaut in space. The astronaut’s name was Scott Carpenter and he took off on May 24, 1962 at the tip of an Atlas rocket for a five-hour mission during which he was to circle the earth three times and then splash in the Atlantic. After John Glenn, Carpenter was the second American astronaut in space.

Like almost all American astronauts, Carpenter was originally a jet test pilot and as such was enthusiastic about pilot’s watches. During training in Australia, he discovered the Breitling Navitimer fake watches online site on the wrists of pilots there, which he had never seen before. Such a watch would be the ideal tool for a mission in space, he thought, but it would have to have a 24-hour scale to avoid misunderstandings.

So he wrote to Breitling directly and expressed his wish to the patron at the time, Willy Breitling. Breitling, himself enthusiastic about space travel, did not hesitate and had a “Navitimer” prototype made with the desired scale and the mechanical modification within a very short time. Carpenter received the Breitling super clone watches for men in time and took it with him on his flight.

After his splashdown in the Atlantic, during which he had to leave his “Aurora 7” capsule and wait three hours in the lifeboat, his watch, which was not yet waterproof, filled with water and was no longer usable. Shortly thereafter, he sent it to Breitling for repair and received a new example instead.

Breitling family treasure

When Breitling presented the new edition of the “Navitimer” version “Cosmonaute” last week, Gregory Breitling, Willy Breitling’s son, also presented the damaged watch that Carpenter had worn on his flight. It had been kept in the family safe along with other treasures from the brand over the years. Gregory Breitling was visibly touched to be able to chat with members of the Carpenter family and astronaut Scott Kelly at the presentation of the new 1:1 wholesale Breitling replica watches from the sewing box of his family, which had long been condemned to silence.

Like the original, the 41 mm reinterpretation of the “Navitimer Cosmonaute” has a dial with a 24-hour division and an hour hand that moves at half speed across it. It is equipped with a hand-wound movement that can be seen through the sapphire crystal back. Key dates of Scott Carpenter’s flight are engraved on it.

The top replica Breitling watches is limited to 362 pieces; the 3 stands for the number of times around the world, the 62 for the year. The fact that the case is made of steel, but the rotating bezel is made of platinum gives it additional exclusivity. Important detail for would-be astronauts: unlike Scott Carpenter’s example, this model is water-resistant to 30 meters.